Introduction of How to start online Ecommerce Business

This guide will help you to understand how you can start online Ecommerce business. This is not the copy paste blog from the internet because this is life experience of Mine.

I did not know about the business but One day I cleared Interview Ecommerce vendor support. On that Job I have to talk with the vendors who are doing business with our ecommerce website.

On those days I Automatically learn about business I am doing same things 9 hours a Day. then I I decide to start my business which would be online clothing Business.

I Start planning with my friend But I did not know about Technical Things like Website, Themes and hosting. My Friend help me to setup my website.

However Long story short my business is failed due to lack of knowledge about technical things.

Then I start learn technical things Side by Side. Like Website Designing, On page seo, Off page Seo, advertisement and hosting Management. Now I will try my best to guide you how to start online ecommerce business step by step without loosing so much money on that.

1. Technical Requirement for start Online


In the Starting you need website which will not cost you so much.