My Story of How to start content writing for beginners

How to start content writing for beginners this is a big question for everyone who want to start content writing or blogging When I was doing 9 to 6 job that time i did not know How to start blogging I just knew that I should know technical knowledge, I have to buy a domain then I can start the blogging. When I was in school one student told me that you can do blogging with blogger but i did not grab the information but any how when I enroll the digital marketing course that day my teacher introduce me introduce me about the website and one of my friend who is a blogger now he is doing blogging via He just purchased a domain then connected with the blogger which is feature of google and using a simple theme and now he has started earning out of it but my story is different I am using divi theme builder which is very good now I do not need theme I can build whatever I want. So Now Discuss All the points one by one.

Tip No 1 – How to start Content Writing without Investment

Actually I think everyone start without investment because first important think in the content industry is only content. So before starting any investment first you start to create content and then side by side know all the technical knowledge.


This Video will show you how to start Blogging without any investment and any Technical Knowledge.

Steps 1 – sinup into write you topic into heading and the write below topic.

Step 2 – if you want to bring traffic into your website then publish your post into your social media like Facebook, linkedin, Twitter and pinterest is very important website because its very famouse around the world and they have all type of traffic.

Step 3 – I like to advise make 3 types of poster to advertise your blog. 1st Youtube thumbnail , 2nd is pinterest pin and 3rd one is Instagram Post. These kind of design you can design from

Tip no 2 – How to start Content Writing With Investment –

You have three which i will advise you but before that you have to check your brand name. In the brand name you have two option first is Personal brand name and 2nd is official brand name Personal brand name is means you are the brand or official brand name meal like brand name which is know by other name like tesla, nike and etc.

After deciding your brand name then start to check your domain and try to buy .com extension if so now one important thing which happened with me I Client gave me to find out some brand name so I was checking the brand names on hosting provider website which are famous now days and make a list which are available or not and then hand over the list to my client.

My client advise all the list which domains I should buy for them but when I start to buy the doamins for my client at that moment I shocked because some of domains were now premium like now those domains are now 5 thousand rupees and 1 lakh rupees. then I start to search on internet how its possible then I got the information from the net that some companies business of domains they have AI technology which check algorithem and purchased the new good names automatically to sell to you in good amount.

So My client talk this issue with his network and makes new website with the name of to just check domain so we can save money to buy more domains for our clients. you can also use this domain feel free for check the brand name of yours.

Step 1 – With Small Investment

In this criteria you need to just buy a domain which cost you around 700 Rs. and then connect with your domain with your blogger.

Step 2 – With Medium Investment

In this step you can buy Domain, Hosting and theme. In this step you can make your professional website to look good and you can give good experience to your audience as per need. This step will cost you around 7 Thousand rupees. Its take medium time.

Step 3 – With Little bit High Investment

In this option you can buy Domain, Hosting and Theme builder. By this step you can build your own website according to you but you need to learn lot of technical things which take time and you make lot of websites as per your need. I will research on that later and update new blog so subscribe my webisite into below of contact page.

Tip No 3. Find your Interest or Niche for (How to start content writing for beginners)

Basically this is very important step for your content writing. Sometimes We have some interest but particular thing and then we find out that is not your actual interest so lot of complicated issue to work on your niche. So basically I like to advise you Make your list like category, sub category or niche and then start writing your Topic list which can help you to continue your journey in your content writing.

Tip No – 4. Just Write and then start deep Research

When I Started blogging at that time its my very big mistake that I started deep research and then I was getting confuse what should I write or what should I not writer about the things. So its my suggestion that in a rough pad writer all the things which is in your mind then start research or do whatever works for you.

Tip No – 5. Check duplicasy on your Content

Imagine you write something into your blog and after 6 months someone write similar content like yours and his content getting good rank more than your content is it correct.

its not right, So whenever you write something its should be unique. When you write some content after that check duplicasy on your content. you can try these free tools like, Duplichecker, Paid ones are Copyscape and Siteliner.

Tip No – 6. Create Social Media Fan Page

Its a basic step everyone know that but before you creating the fan page just research about your audience which social media they use mostly then start creating your fan page. for example most professional use linkedin.

Tip No – 7. Make Connection with Contacts on Industry –

When you become confident about your contents after that I like to suggest you that try to make some contacts in similar industry. Like you can join Facebook Group, Linkedin, twitter and some community, I know one community whose name is Profound Writers. In Thier community you will get a chance to become friends of every type of writer like Song writer, Book writer, blog writer and so on. You can contact with them if you like to become a part of their community. they have free and Paid both services. They quarterly organize some events for writers like their coming Event is AIBA. you can check out at their website

1How to start Content Writing without Investment
2How to start Content Writing With small Investment
3Find your Interest or Niche
4Just Write and then start deep Research
5Check duplicasy on your Content
6Create Social Media Fan Page
7Make Connection with Contacts on Industry